Assistance for Cancer Patients During the Coronavirus Pandemic

At Astera Radiation Oncology, community is the centerpiece of our care…and the object of our commitment to excellence. We are all part of the community, especially during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, and especially in support of cancer patients whose needs are even greater than usual.

With that in mind, here are a number of helpful resources for—and ways to help—you, your loved one and cancer patients throughout the communities we serve.

Grocery Pickup and Drop Off for Cancer Patients

Patients in chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment are immune-compromised and at very high risk if exposed to the COVID-19 coronavirus. So we’re partnering with the community to gather and make available resources for grocery pickup and delivery for our patients.

Grocery Delivery and Pickup Options

To pickup groceries, or to have them delivered to cancer patients sheltering at home, please download our Grocery Delivery and Pickup Options sheet. We will keep this updated with resources throughout the shutdown.

One grocery delivery option is Umbrella, an organization that builds products and services to empower older adults to live with independence and purpose. During the pandemic, Umbrella has retooled its whole operation to provide safe access to food, medicine and supplies. This service is available to all our patients during this outbreak, just mention that you are an Astera Cancer Care patient. Visit

Cancer and Mental Health Support

Cancer Support Community Central New Jersey (CSCCNJ) offers support to all people affected by cancer, including loved ones. During this health emergency, CSCCNJ’s program is virtual, with support being offered to you at your home. For individual and/or group support, including bereavement, call 908-658-5400, ext 4. Learn more and register by visiting

Lunch ‘N Learn with the Doctor – Zoom Meetings

What is the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the diagnosis and treatment of cancer? It’s a big topic, which we’re breaking down into a six-part Lunch ‘N Learn with the Doctors series, held virtually as Zoom meetings.

You can watch the video from our previous meetings below:

Cancer During COVID: Breast Cancer - 5/1/2020

Cancer During COVID: Prostate Cancer - 5/8/2020

Cancer During COVID: Lung Cancer - 5/15/2020

Cancer During COVID: Colon Cancer - 5/29/2020

Cancer During COVID: Blood Cancers - 6/5/2020

Cancer During COVID: Skin Cancer - 6/12/2020

Volunteer Opportunities

We encourage you to join us in our support efforts for the community and its cancer patients. Here are a number of ways you can help.

Volunteer to Deliver Groceries, Medications and Supplies

Umbrella, the organization providing delivery services during the pandemic, also enourages and welcomes volunteers to get needed food, medicines and other supplies to cancer patients and seniors. When you sign up to volunteer, Umbrella’s app will match you with opportunities to help. Drop-off is contact-free for the safety of recipients and volunteers. To sign up, visit, or download Umbrella’s fact sheet on the program.

Donate Blood

To donate blood, find a Red Cross donation site near you schedule a donation. For information on blood donation, visit the Red Cross’ Blood Services website.

Donate Plasma after Recovering from COVID-19

In coordination with the US Food and Drug Administration, the Red Cross is also seeking people who have fully recovered from COVID-19 to donate plasma to help current patients with serious or immediately life-threatening viral infection. Get more information, and sign up to help.

Donate Masks

Astera Radiation Oncology and Astera Cancer Care welcome your donations of cloth masks, and we encourage those who want to get involved to sew and donate masks for our patients.

Our efforts to provide community support during the COVID-19 outbreak are ongoing and will continue to develop. Please visit this page periodically to see any changes, updates and new resources or services. For additional information, please call 732-390-7750.