Princeton Radiation Oncology works with you to provide seamless, effective care to your patients.

Whether you’re a medical oncologist, surgeon, urologist, pulmonologist, primary care physician or any other type of specialist, Astera Radiation Oncology shares your commitment to doing what will be most appropriate and effective for each patient.

As leaders in the field of radiation treatment for cancer, our experienced physicians are dedicated members of your patient’s cancer care team. Like you, our goal is the highest standard of care for every type of cancer and the best possible outcomes for your patients.

The expertise, capabilities and commitment you depend on.

At Princeton Radiation Oncology, we are accessible and responsive to you and your patients, as well as to all members of the care team. Our radiation oncologists are highly trained and experienced, and they’re nationally known for the quality of care they provide. Here is what you and your patients can expect from Princeton Radiation Oncology:

  • Today’s most advanced radiotherapy capabilities, technologies and therapies – From highly conformal IMRT to HDR brachytherapy to tomotherapy and beyond, we offer a full complement of state-of-the-art radiation technology treatments, with the expertise physicians have trusted for decades.
  • Princeton Precision – Using precise targeting coupled with high-dose, hypofractionated treatments, we can make radiation treatment shorter and less burdensome on your patients while still providing the best possible outcomes.
  • Expertise with many different cancers – With 11 radiation oncologists who have diverse training and cancer-care experience, our team brings to your patients’ care noted expertise in the treatment of prostate, lung, breast, GI, brain and other cancers.
  • Close collaboration – We work closely with you and all other physicians involved to meet your patients’ individual needs and to fight their cancer as effectively as possible with seamless multidisciplinary care.
  • Personalized, patient-focused care – We give your patients the compassion, respect and individualized attention they deserve in a caring, supportive environment. This includes striving to provide the most personalized and appropriate treatment for each person.


For more about how Princeton Radiation Oncology supports your efforts to provide patients with the most effective, appropriate care, or to schedule an appointment, call 609-655-5755. You can also schedule an appointment using our easy online form.