Prone breast therapy at Princeton Radiation Oncology reduces your exposure.

Radiation therapy is an important component of breast cancer treatment for many women. Because the majority of women diagnosed with breast cancer will be cured, it is critical to minimize the long‐term effects of treatment.

At Princeton Radiation Oncology, our radiation oncologists offer prone breast radiation therapy, a unique approach to treating breast cancer known to benefit certain women with breast cancer. For women with large breasts, prone breast radiation therapy has been found to be especially useful.

How prone breast therapy at Princeton Radiation Oncology works.

With prone breast radiation therapy, we treat the patient while she is lying face-down (prone). In this position, the breast falls away from the chest. As a result, we can direct the beam of radiation to the breast but not the chest, thereby reducing radiation exposure to the heart and lungs.

Your candidacy for prone breast radiation therapy depends on many factors.

It is important to note that the prone position is neither suitable, nor advantageous, for all patients, and there are many factors that must be considered in determining the optimal treatment position. Please call Princeton Radiation Oncology to determine if you are an appropriate candidate for prone breast treatment.

This image shows the breast falling away from the chest and radiation beams encompassing the breast tissue while completely avoiding the heart and lung.

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