TomoTherapy maximizes the precision of radiation therapy.

The TomoTherapy HI-ART treatment system is a unique, ground-breaking device that Astera Radiation Oncology’s doctors use to treat cancer at Astera Radiation Oncology’s Pennsylvania location at St. Mary Regional Cancer Center.

The benefits of image guidance and multiple delivery angles.

With TomoTherapy, our radiation oncologists deliver image-guided, intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IG-IMRT) using real-time CT scanning technology. The TomoTherapy treatment beam is mounted on a CT-scanner ring system. This allows radiation therapy to be delivered continuously from all angles while the patient moves through the ring.

By using tiny beamlets of radiation from every direction, we can deliver a full dose to the treatment target while limiting radiation exposure to healthy tissue. Also, because it’s also a CT machine, the TomoTherapy device allows our radiation oncologists to take a scan prior to treatment in order to precisely guide treatment. This further ensures delivery of radiation to the tumor while minimizing irradiation of surrounding tissue.

TomoTherapy gives our doctors more options for treating your cancer.

TomoTherapy technology permits the radiation oncologists at Astera Radiation Oncology to offer new advances in treating cancers of the prostate, head and neck, lung, brain, spine, and other areas that used to be difficult to treat.

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